South Africa we have seen one miracle after another. Most recently our change in government has been the taking over from one of the most corrupt leaders we have had being taken over by one who has lead historically with integrity and with leadership that makes others want to follow.

We had 2016’s drought where we didn’t know where the water would come from in and around our country as a whole. The reports were it will be about 5years before the dams reach the thresholds we need as a country. We stood together, fasted and prayed and viola it was in October when it started to rain, just before my daughters birthday. It rained on and off until just after February, 5 months. It took 5 months for the dams to reach the place experts said it would take 5 years to reach. Why, because we followed our Lord’s call, if we humble ourselves and pray, He will hear our prayers and heal our land.

Now, watch, as we in Cape Town, lift up the name of Jesus High above every other name, He will turn the tides and cause the rain to fall, no man can. Let us pray.